Topic outline

  • Unit 1: Container Types

    This unit provides an introduction to containers and focuses on the different types of container being used today in international trade.  You will look at examples of each container type in turn understanding how they are suited to different types of cargo.

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  • Unit 2: Container Carrying Ships

    The layout of the different types ships which transport containers are examined together with the way in which they are loaded and unloaded. In studying the ship types basic cargo handing features and terminology are introduced.

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  • Unit 3: Container Terminals

    The unit introduces the characteristics and operations of a container terminal. The first part of the units looks at the role of and functions carried out in a container terminal. The second part focuses on the container flows and moves that take place within the terminal.

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  • Unit 4: Handling Equipment 1

    This is the first of two units on container handling equipment. In this unit you will look at different types of ship-to-shore cranes and the primary types of yard cranes that operate in the container yard.
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  • Unit 5: Handling Equipment 2

    This second unit on container handling equipment looks at the other container handling equipment you will see when visiting a terminal as well as the different types of internal transfer vehicles that move containers between the different areas of a terminal.

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  • Unit 6: Container Transport

    This unit examines the door-to-door transport of containers.  The first part of the unit looks at the term TEU before examining the size and capacity of container ships and the complexity of ship planning and container stowage.  The second part focuses on inland transport vehicles and the benefits of intermodalism.

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